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#Aug 2, 'The Great Wall of Vagina' has been exhibited around the world as well as being used as an educational resource in sex text books. #One size fits all may work for silly hats and plastic ponchos, but when it comes to sexuality, diversity reigns supreme. At Glastonbury Festival in we. #Apr 1, Jamie McCartney, a vulva artist from Great Britain, wanted to dispel insecurities and anxieties about female body image. So, he — yep, Jamie's. #The body casts of over vulvas from women age 18 to 76, including transgender and pregnant women, were collated to form the.
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  1. In , British artist Jamie McCartney cast over women’s genitalia in plaster of Paris for his artwork The Great Wall of Vagina. The foot sculpture, which is broken into ten panels, has been exhibited at the Brighton Fringe Festival, London’s Hay Hill Gallery, and La.

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